2002 - An innovative brand of high-quality available products UFO
was presented to Ukraine
- we grow and develop by launching production of UFO film cameras expanding in such a way
a range of products, launch a digital camera production and become a leader in the market of
photographic equipment
2005 - increase the variety of digital products:
cameras, memory cards, MP3-players, personal media players

2007 - meeting the trends of the digital world, UFO TM makes rebranding and continues to
conquer the consumer electronics market under a new name of ERGO
- we are expanding network of services in all regions, lunching production of GPS-navigators,
portable and home DVD-players, headphones, digital voice recorders, eBooks and MP4-players under
the brand ERGO
2011 - bring to the market home appliances and TV sets under the brand ERGO
2013 - launch the production of smartphones and tablets ERGO
- markets of Georgia, Moldova and Kazakhstan recognize the quality, reliability and producibility of ERGO TM products
2016 - launch of ERGO LED lamps production
launch of ERGO SMART TV production

ERGO TM continues its move onward and accepting the challenge of time, change the visual image of the brand

New visualization of the brand demonstrates its key advantages: technological effectiveness, versatility, energy, determination, ambition, striving to develop

Now the ERGO brand is:

  • best seller of headphones and headsets *
  • the fifth in TV sales in Ukraine *
  • more than 200 goods items in five product areas
  • a high-quality and reliable products with an optimal set of smart features
  • continuous development and improvement of quality

All ERGO products are energy-saving, reliable and easy to use. The certificates of conformity to international quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 - eloquent evidence of this.

Our major capital is the customers' trust and loyalty, so we do all our best to make our ERGO equipment serve you well for a long time, providing comfort and real pleasure!

*according to GFK Ukraine

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